Bell loves her squeaking toy

Best squeaky toys for dogs

Where do you find the best squeaky toys for dogs?

This is an easy question. Just click on any of the images in this article and you will be in the right place to order your doggies toys and whatever you may need in that particular moment.

Why dogs love squeaky toys

I have had many dogs all my life, you can say I am a dog loving person, and every one of them, no matter the type of dog, Old English Sheperd, Labradors, German Sheperd, Dachshund or whatever, they all use to love and play a lot with their squeaky toys. Nowadays we have two lovely Labradors and there are several ripped apart fluffy ducks, even a fluffy bottle of beer squeaky toys.

Something I heard about dogs’ intelligence and capacity to learn new things, say dogs have the intellectual capacity of a 3-year-old kid. If that is correct, it explains why they all are very playful, no matter the age. Our doggies are 5 years old, and they keep playing just the same as when they were pupies.

Squeaky toys resemble real pray

A squeaky squirrel has a tail, and they actually look like the real thing. That seems one good reason, but there also the chance of being an invitation to play. You can see your pooch shaking it and biting that fluffy squirrel to make it squeak and looking at you and waving the tail. That is an invitation to play.

Just think of it as if it was a toddler, they are full of energy and joy.


Why this squeaky toys do not have a filling?

This squeaking toys for your pets, are all “stuffing free” for safety when they are chowing and tearing, besides it is also a great help if they do not create a mess in your home.

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